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Late But Great: Memes I've Been Tagged In

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 21, 2015, 1:15 AM
Man I've been gone forEVER D: Sorry everyone. I'll post an update later sometime maybe if I can ever get around to attempting to explain it all. Anyways, I've been tagged by my friends and I simply MUST finish the memes! Here's the first one:

1. Your original character must answer the questions put forth before you in a more legible fashion to that of the original tag. Not YOU, your OC.

2- You must tag someone else after you do this. Put who you were tagged by.

As tagged by the imperial :iconbluenightfire: I, Antebelle shall proceed (finally) with the interviews of two and a half Demons, of whom I own. Presenting the demon of envy, (L)erik, and the demoness of Wrath, (R)yke (pronounced Rye-key), as well as (D)eath, otherwise known as Roan.

1)- What is your name?

L: Your worst nightmare. Or, others know me as: Prince Lerik.

R: The Mistress of all Evil. Ryke is only for my closest companions.

L: Which is no one. XP

R: Don’t even try to get on my nerves; every demon hates your guts.

L: They only hate me because they aren’t as powerful as I am.

D: *snickers at Lerik’s comment* Grim Reaper is good enough for me. I’m only here to keep these two in check. Both have repulsive tempers.

2)- How old are you?

L: I don’t care for this question. No matter how old I am, I will always look intimidating and powerful.

R: I find that question insulting. I’ve been around for many millennia, and I can still rip your head off if you irritate me.

D: I don’t know why it was a good idea to bring these two into the same room. I’m sure by the end of this they will be fighting. And guess who has to break them apart? Me. -_- I’m really old. But I don’t look it, apparently.

3)- What are your hobbies?

R: I know what Lerik’s is; kissing a mirror because he can’t kiss himself. >: D

L: :stare: Only narcissistic demon spawn would dare do something like that! I’m a refined, powerful demon prince.

D: You guys aren’t even answering the questions. e.e

L: Well, we both know Ryke only wields a whip for…specific reasons…


L: Make me! XP

D: Lerik’s stuck having to somehow care for a demon spawn named Timothy, currently living in his dungeon who eats anything and everything, on top of dealing with the responsibilities of a demon prince, but he mostly spends his time figuring out how he can butter up the king of demons to receive special privileges and or possibly take over the throne. Ryke is addicted to taking out her endless bouts of anger through fighting and brawling, or practicing her skills. If she doesn’t get her way she throws a deadly tantrum. I, however, prefer to read books, especially old tombs and ancient languages of the dead. The only time I get angry is when I’m interrupted by petty things; such as trying to keep these two demons from killing each other, and for them to answer the questions. >->

4)- What do you hate most in this world?

L: Everyone who isn’t me. Angels are rather annoying as well. They think they’re so amazing, when they’re really not. Pathetic.

R: Hate? Don’t make me laugh. I essentially created hate. I can hate anything even without a good reason. ^-^

D: I hate those who mess up my job. Death is a delicate job, and one wrong move creates a catastrophe of problems. I’m the one who has to clean it aallll up.

5)- Who do you love/hate most in this world?

L: I don’t really have any person I love. I tend to make more enemies than friends.

R: I try to have friends, I really do, but, we always end up fighting. And it’s always their fault.

D: I love the silence of dead things. I can actually think.

6)- Do you love me?

L: Pfft. It’s YOU who should love ME.

R: No.

D: I don’t really do that sort of thing.

7)- You are a troll, then?

L: I’m no troll! Trolls are ugly. I’m far more refined than that.

R: Ew, no, for pretty much the same reason as pompous devil man next to me. e.e

D: I don’t know. Do you mean the monster troll or do you mean people who trick people on the internet?

8)- Do you have any siblings?

L: Sort of. My half brother, Timothy; the thing that lives in my dungeon. I can’t really let it escape. It tends to eat everything. It’s a lesser demon spawn, and it’s disgusting.

R: No, I was an only child. I was too dominant to share anything with anyone anyways.

D: In a way I have a younger sister. She and I get along rather well, even if she has a pet spider that can turn into a large frightening creature. It’s scary, but she’s nice. ^-^

9)- I know where you live.

L: Well, everyone SHOULD know where I live. It’s where half of you humans are going to end up anyways.

R: Stalker. I’ll hunt you down, find out where you live, and throw a rock through you window that says I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE and then I’ll lure you outside with money or something petty and then slowly choke you to death. Then no one else will dare tell me that they know where I live. >: D

D: I don’t think you would. I don’t live in Hell or Heaven. And if you do, you’re probably not going to be living much longer, I’m afraid.

10)- What do you feel about fan boys/fan girls?

L: :la: I adore them. I thrive under their fond jealousy. Thank you fans, you give me power beyond my wildest dreams!

R: Don’t touch me, and we’ll be fine. Otherwise I’ll end you.

D: I don’t really have any. The ones who do like me, usually end up a little…strange. Or insane. Or in prison. I don’t need the attention anyways. I’m rather…antisocial.

11)- What are you?

L: The most powerful demon prince known to man, that’s all.

R: The angriest demoness you will ever encounter; and that’s saying something! ^-^

D: Death. Don’t really have a genus or species name yet.

12)- Do you find me sexy?

L: I think it’s the other way around. Do you find me attractive???

R: Blech, I don’t think you’re attractive, Lerik. In fact, you’re quite…sleazy.

L: Then you obviously have awful taste in males. There’s nothing wrong with me at all! Sure I’m not as well known as Death here, but come on, I’m way better than anyone else here!

D: Little insecure there, hmm Lerik?

R: Death is more attractive than you, Lerik mcshlerik.

L: Are you ASKING to be pummeled?!

R: No, you are. XP

D: Can we save the brawl for after the interview??

13)- Notice me sempai!!!!!

L: …What? I’ve already acknowledged you. I’m answering your questions already!

R: Why, have you done something worth noticing? No? Then GO DO SOMETHING THAT WOULD!

D: Actually, the correct way to spell “sempai” is “senpai”, however, the Japanese pronounce the “n” as an “m” a lot in certain words, or so I’ve learned. And I’d rather be called, “Roan-sama”. :meow:

14)- Do you live with anybody?

L: Why yes, the evil creature in the dungeon. Of course, why live alone when you can always bring in some…feminine companionship… :D

R: I always thought you were gay.

L: I thought you were a lesbian.

R: Why, because I display certain traits humans deem as “masculine”? *feminist rage ensues*

D: I have two zombie servants, Harold and Harriet, although Harold is more skeleton than zombie. I also have the Pale Horse of Death who visits every so often. Other than that, dead souls wander the graveyard I live in.

15)- Do you have any friends?

L: …No…but…I have…ADMIRERS! :D

R: He thinks he actually HAS admirers ever since that fan girl/boy question. e.e

D: The angel of fear, along with the undead creatures, the Pale Horse also.

16)- What is your favorite color?

L: I love green. It’s a good color on me, ironically.

R: Fiery colors, like red and orange. They’re intense and full of passion like I am.

D: Dark cold colors are my favorite. My magic happens to have a blue glow to it. I also enjoy black because it’s quite slimming.

17)- What do you look for in a life partner?

L: Life partner? A partner…for ETERNITY?! Ahaah…Not really my style. I prefer to keep myself open to whoever wanders by.

R: Honestly, I haven’t really thought about something like that. Regardless, I doubt anyone could put up with me. I’m really high maintenance.

D: Ahahaha, that makes me laugh. Life partner. Good one. I’ll tell that to Harold. He’ll pop a rib off laughing.

18)- What is your type?

L: If you’re a beautiful female, then I have to have you. Especially if you’re already taken.

R: If you’re reeeeeeeeeeeeeallly handsome looking and can beat me in wrestling, or in a shouting match, then you’re my type. See? High maintenance.

D: Eh…I don’t know. I supposed you’d have to be interesting to me. I don’t really care for appearances, or gender for that matter. I don’t like hyper people though. Those are usually the ones who end up dying early…not because I got irritated with them or anything… :shifty:

I tag:


Sorry this isn’t as creative as I had hoped. Ryke and Lerik are newer characters of mine with less experience and development. But it was fun anyways! :D

Second Meme:

I was tagged by :iconsilverbloodwolf98:

1. You have to post these rules:

2. Each PERSON has to share 13 things about them

3. ANSWER the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4. CHOOSE 13 people

5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.

6. You can't say that you don't do tags.

7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED

8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.

9. You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.

10. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.

11. Cussing is ALLOWED.

13 things about me:

1. I love socks that have fun or cutesy stuff on them.

2. I talk to inanimate objects when I really need them to not break or make noise.

3. I call my cat, Athena: Feena, uhFeena, baby girl, Pwincess, widdle bby girl, turdblossom, and my personal favorite: Schnookums.

4. My knees are lame.

5. I don’t cuss. I come up with creative alternatives. Like, turdblossom. Silly little biscuit (from Tobuscus).

6. I once called Norway, “Norwegia”. My family won’t let me live it down, especially my dad, who is a Grammar Nazi despite being half Italian.

7. I took two years of Spanish in high school. I can only read in Spanish…read, not understand entirely. I also took two years of Japanese, one in high school, the other in college. I can barely give you sentences, but I know some vocab. I’m quite proud of it.

8. I love funny things. Don’t mention anything funny to me. I’ll spend all day showing you Youtube videos I’ve seen hundreds of times and still laugh just as hard as the first time.

9. I turn into a little kid on a sugar high when I hear thunder or see lightning.

10. I can’t be followed upstairs. The idea of someone behind me terrifies me. I end up having to either force you to go in front of me, or I RUN LIKE GREASED LIGHTNIN’ up the stairs.

11. I like playing Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and Mahjong because I’m an awful gamer.

12. My first cartoon crush was Leonardo from TMNT. The early 2000’s cartoon, aka the best one they ever made.

13. I’m a big mess of depression and anxiety and food and emotions and indecision and random history facts.

13 Questions to answer:

1. Do you love snow?

I LOVE SNOW. :la: But fall is my most favorite season, because I hate ice. xD

2. Rock or rap?

I like rock a lot more, but songs like Linkin Park’s Burn It Down with the rap ish part I enjoy those kinds of rapping. I have respect for Tupac though. He and Eminem are really the only ones I know. And even then I don’t know them a lot.

3. Manga/book or anime/film?

Anime just because I don’t have to buy the book; I can just watch it streaming online :iconhurrplz:

4. If you had a chance to become a close friend of ONE of your OC, who it will be? 

My angel of death, simply because I relate to him a lot, and also because I could kill anyone I wanted… xD

5. Fav part of body? * in artistic way ofc XD u dirties (maybe) *

Hmm. I suppose I like legs. I’m a bit of a hypocrite because I like smooth legs to draw, but in real life I haven’t shaved in months. xD I also like to doodle eyes. I used to be good at it, but now I’ve flopped out on it because lazy. xD

6. Song you listen now/last listened/wanna listen now

The song I’m listening to now is Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy, the song I last listened to was See You Again by Charlie Pluth (an edited version without the rap but with the beat and piano) and the song I will listen to is Renegades by X Ambassadors (found it on that one car commercial). xD

7. Look at your window! Tell me weather now XD!

*too lazy to roll over and glance at my window, which would only show me the window well where a dead salamander corpse has been laying there for so long and a bunch of spiderwebs, so checks phone for weather* It’s cool and cloudy. :D

8. How much languages your keyboard have???

I only have installed the Japanese one. Maybe it works…? Lol xD

9. Do you love rats :3 ?

I think I would love pet rats, but I’d have to get used to them first as they seem to like to move around a lot and would smell differently. I also think they can be cute :3

10. kufufufu or shishishi ???

Uhmmmm… I don’t know what they mean, but Kufufufu sounds fun to say. xD

11. I did too much questions with options. OMG choses, right?

SO MANY QUESTIONS! But it happens to be my favorite and lucky number :D

12. Do you have thing/habbit  that annoy you in any other person/or yourself maybe ?

I have a bad habit of bouncing my knee when I’m nervous or in public. One time I was with my friend and we were camping and I was sitting on a picnic table next to her on the end, and this was like a girl camp lame thing so I was naturally bouncing my leg and my friend grabs my knee and is like, “You’re shaking the WHOLE BENCH WOULD YOU STAHP”. So I bounced my other leg. Partly to annoy her, partly because I can’t stop. xD

13. And final one.

Final one what? 0: xD Yeah making up questions is hard!

13 Questions for you all to answer:

1. What is your favorite pair of socks to wear? If you hate socks, what are you favorite kind of shoes?

2. Do you have a weird quirk that maybe no one else has?

3. Have any pet names you call your pet and/or your significant other?

4. What body part do you hate?

5. Favorite weird word to say? (Like boulbous bouffant? Galoshes? Plethora?)

6. What is one mistake you made that your friends/family won’t let you live down?

7. Speak any cool languages? Or know any fun facts about languages?

8. Show me a funny Youtube video. :D

9. Favorite natural weather occurrence? (thunderstorms, tornadoes, rainbows…?)

10. Have a weird fear?

11. Favorite game you’ve beaten?

12. First crush? OR favorite kids tv show from when you were a kid?

13. How would you describe yourself using 13 words?

I TAG: :iconfehnryr:, :iconbluenightfire:, :iconwhoever wants to play! My brain is dead; I can’t really remember usernames atm D:


:iconhurrplz: Notice what I did with my 13 facts and my 13 questions to ask you? :icongenius-plz:

Third Meme:

Tagged by :iconbluenightfire:

(1) When did you start writing?

Hmm. I recall a story I wrote in the, I think 4th grade about the life cycle of a Sapphire gem. If I remember properly, the sapphire gem wasn’t quite blue enough to leave his high pressure high heat home with his sister, so he waited and then he left his home goodbye. Then, a hop, skip and a mammoth squishing their new found sapphire friend, the sapphire siblings somehow made it back home in a glacier. This came with my very own illustrations. That is the earliest story I can recall creating. It wasn’t until I met one of my friends who also shared a love of writing that I decided I really wanted to try writing. However, lack of motivation has made me unsuccessful in my attempts to actually FINISH a story that was worth its salt.

 (2) When you were a beginning writer, what did you write primarily? What do you write now, primarily? (i.e. romance, fan-fiction, poetry)

I attempted a few stories that at the time and in my young mind would have been amazing movie deserving stories. One was a short story about mummies where I had to use big words such as behemoth to describe the pyramids and how grotesque the mummies looked (this was a school assignment). Another was inspired by the movie Deep Blue Sea, only about a Tiger shark breaking into a poorly described Sea World for dolphins, where my protagonist, promptly named after my favorite katana wielding Ninja Turtle drove a yacht to capture sick baby dolphins for the show, had to save the day with his eventual love interest, a static female character by the name of Crystal. In 7th grade my class was given the chance to write a short story about oppressive governments (we learned about Mao Ze Dong that year in Humanities), and this company would actually publish one copy of our stories for us. Mine was called Felony, and was essentially a dystopian apocalyptic tale with three main characters: Onyx, Topaz, and Timmy. Onyx lived in a concentration camp sort of place, and has finally made an escape. However, a father begs her to take his little boy out of the horrid place. She also apparently had a pet lizard who was later stolen by the government and tested, where he became a dragon. The story I thought went quite well, that is, until I was missing the deadline and I had no good ending for it. So the ending was abrupt and rather pathetic now that I look back upon it, but it was a fun experience to not only design the cover, dedicate a story, and get it published, illustrations and all, it was a great way for me to learn more about writing. Most of my stories were all over the place kinds of genres. I wanted to start off with a fantasy adventure one, like my dad had always dreamed of writing. But, nothing really stuck solid with me. Only the characters do. My only successfully completely short story is a psychological horror thriller type story. I enjoy macabre but I also enjoy fantasy and drama with a pinch of romance and punch of magic.

(3) How often do you write?

More like how often do I wish I write; that question I could give an “every waking moment of my life” sort of answer. Writing every day I’ve heard is the best way to be consistent and to actually get things done. No wonder I’m not completing anything. Lol. Writing is hard for me. To me it’s different than drawing, as in the process. When you draw, you have to sketch out the outlines and fill it in as you go. But I can’t just do an outline with writing. I don’t know why but for some reason creating an entire outline from beginning to end for a story is next to impossible. I’ll have to figure out other techniques…

(4) When is your favourite time of the day to write?

I would love to say “early in the morning” because I love the peace and quiet that comes with it, but, I haven’t woken up that early in years. I would also like to say “in the afternoon” but I always end up on Netflix or in the weird parts of Youtube learning how to talk to a giraffe. If I can get myself to write something that would contribute to my story, it’s usually right at the time I’m supposed to go to sleep.

(5) Do you have a writing muse? If so, who/what?

I suppose the only writing muse I have is music. Mostly moody music like Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, or, ironically, Muse. xD Sometimes my original characters are my muse, when I think more about them and what I can do with them.

(6) What is your most popular lit piece?

I would have to say the only one I’ve completed… “It Doesn’t Hurt…” I’ve still got a lot of editing and researching, and updating to do with it though.

(7) What piece are you currently writing?

Currently is too current of a word to use for me xD But I suppose my angel story idea, where the only title I have for it is called Pulse. I’ve only posted drafts of a supposed beginning for it on DA, but now I’m thinking of doing an entire plot restructure because I’ve hit a lot of obstacles and clichés that I don’t want for it.

(8) What is the piece you most recently finished?

I haven’t finished any lit pieces, to be honest. I’ve already talked about the one I’ve actually completed (story wise). I’m still working on the quirks for my angel one, which might not even be “angel” at all. I do know that I am a character driven writer, so I’m trying to figure out my characters first, then I guess build some of the world around them.

(9) What piece are you most proud of?

The only one I’ve completed, which is a look into the mind of a mad man. I enjoyed working on the writing style of someone with distinct personality changes, and how to distort the readers just enough. However, I’m not confident in anything I do, so it’s hard for me to find things I’m actually proud of, without heaping piles of negative things on it.

(10) What piece are you most disappointed in?

The only story I actually got published(only one book published, and it was a crappy job at that): Felony. As I reread it from years ago, I can barely stand it. The writing is atrocious, the formatting is wrong, and the characters are unbelievable and flat.

(11) From all your stories, who is/are your favourite character(s) and why? (try to limit it to 3)

Koaru Kaneko: He started out as a spur of the moment character in a roleplay I did forever ago. I remember deciding that this time, I would play him as I would react to things in the story. It was the first time I was complimented by making a decent character. It wasn’t long before I started to see what he was really going to become: from a shy angsty school kid to an angsty Yakuza prince with a unique way of processing things. Notice how the angsty always stayed? That didn’t come from me; it helped me put his own personality together.

Levit Conlin: Originally a kid with the power to make things levitate, I realized he was much more than that in the fact that he would always be my protagonist. Even though now he’s only a human with no special powers, his special power didn’t need to be magic. His special power was in essentially being the best friend anyone could ever have. He’s always an optimist, and he always goes the extra mile in anything he does. He kind of stole my motivation and determination, and is a reminder that I can do things. Plus he’s really fun to play. :D

Roan Mikellin: He is one of my favorites simply because he is taking forever to figure out. I have only a basic idea of his personality, none of his background, but all of his potential sitting right in front of me. He was my first ever angel character to be created, and to stick around for so long. I knew exactly what I wanted him to look like, down to even his outfit. I love him because he is like me as well. He’s antisocial, loves the dark side of history, and would probably be a cat person. He is also one of my favorites because he has power, probably one of the most powerful things someone could be to a human: Death. I was always told that characters needed weaknesses and shouldn’t be all powerful. But in a way, I was taking away the power I had as a human in my own life. In a way, Roan tells me that I have power to make things happen, and I have to remember that when I go through hard times.

Although I only mentioned three here, I have countless of them, and all of them are near and dear to my heart, for they were there when I didn’t have anyone, or who could keep me calm in the midst of panic. They are the best imaginary friends I could ever have ever. :3

(12) What is the best compliment you ever got on your writing?

Something along the lines of “you have such a unique way of observing things and using the words to describe them, opening up a perspective that not many people would understand”. I can’t remember. I’m paraphrasing but it was very nice of them to say so. I always worry that my writing will never “sound” or “look” like a professional author’s work.

(13) What is your main goal with writing?

I have a really big imagination black hole. I have so many ideas and intentions and themes it’s almost ridiculous. I want my stories to be out there, and I want people to see what I see in my stories, the chemistry of characters, the morals of the stories, the deep meanings and breaking of stereotypes(I hope I can do that too), and just…letting myself tell the world that I’m not your average Joe. There’s so much more to me than meets the eye. Not in a bragging way, of course, I have much to learn.

(14) Have you ever been published?

Meh, just one book, and my aunt who’s a published author let me and my friends join a short story contest on her blog and gave me a review, so that was kind of some publicity. It was fun. :D

(15) If tomorrow you learned that you would never be able to formally publish a story, would you still write?

I would, but I probably would have a lot less motivation or urgency to get something together. What with my depression sapping most of any will I have to do anything, knowing I won’t be published would increase my depression, but not my ability to write and create.

 (16) If you could choose one of your pieces to be a Daily Deviation, which would it be?

Probably my first draft of my maybe angel story. It’s in my opinion a great way to start…something. Not quite sure what though.

Tagging: :iconfehnryr: :iconshardsofsanity: :icontiramora:

Woo! I’ve done it! Three Memes in a row! And It’s only 2 am! Yaaay… Well, off to bed for me, I’ll try and be more active on here, promise ya’ll! Love to read your comments, even though I don’t reply. I haven’t forgotten any of your replies! I just forget to reply… xD

Until next time!



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Raven-Bones Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch! I love all the Tom Hiddlestons on your wall ;)
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Thanks a lot for adding my work to your collection
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Happy belated birthday!!! :P
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Thanks for the :llama:
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