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Freshman year at college is already almost over; HOLY COW! I have enjoyed going to college, although the new years and the changing of the semesters is the worst part of it all (because I have really bad anxiety), but once I'm used to the schedule, I'm fine as a turtle in some wine. (if turtles are wine connoisseurs, of course).

This semester was my favorite; I took Art of Film, Japanese 101, and History 101 (history of Europe) :D (also English but I wasn't too happy about this one in particular). I think I have finally found my niche. History. I can talk aaaaalllllll day long about it. Then go home and research more information to talk about all day tomorrow. xD All I have to do now are the final projects/essays/anything else the teachers need to cram into my brain and I'll be alllllll done. Which means...ART.

AND LOTS OF IT. (I hope).

I've been working on a world for which my angel story shall thrive. I was given excellent advice on how to make To do this, one must have...


Yes, even the most confusing of all plots has to have some sort of rules and regulations they must follow. When I was attempting to implement so many ideas without any ropes tying them together into one story or one character, I was wondering why the heck it wasn't putting my character together. That doesn't mean the kind of rules like; no chewing gum in class, or, do not try this at home, but the kind of rules that grounds a character or a world. Remember, any world created has the potential to be anything you want, but there has to be a way to navigate the world, some sort of weaknesses and strengths, and abilities. Can a character have laser vision? How does he/she control it? Like Marvel's X-Men, the character Cyclops couldn't control his burning eyes through pure will power alone, but he was able to make/receive special glasses that would help him control it.

That's my little schpeel on creative writing for ya'll. Or at least it was a reminder to me who is easily distracted with characters and plot lines. ^-^

Gosh I'm so sorry these journals are so long! It's just been a while, and I want to type up a storm. :la:

Anyways, I forgot to say that I do not have sleep apnea (since in my Kinda Stuck journal, I mentioned I had a date with a sleep study on Valentine's Day :P ) but I do have something that's called like...Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. Which basically means, I move a lot around my sleep, which apparently could effect my sleep quality. So I was given a medicine that's supposed to stop that. Well, I was suffering the side effects instead of having the benefits, including horrible night sweats, and even fainting spells that would happen periodically after I took it. So I quit taking it, but have now been taking a medicine that is an "upper", or it helps give energy and focus to people who generally don't have a lot of energy/depressive symptoms and such. It's been a great help! I haven't had any really bad melt downs, even my comfort-food-feasting appetite has been curbed down (a tiny bonus). I've been feeling much better and it's amazing. :meow: Well...

Better as in emotionally. Physically is a different story. For as long as I can remember, I've always been very tender and sensitive. Tickling was actually painful for me. Sure it made me laugh, but it hurt, and it continued to hurt ten minutes after. Bumping into anything was as painful as a fresh bruise, though there won't be any. Scrapes hurt like I was cut into, but the skin wouldn't be broken. I also have weird pains that come out of no where, hurt like crap, then disappear just as fast as it had come. It drives me nuts because I'll be walking and some how either I stepped wrong or something, and pain will drill into my knee and it will buckle and I'll gasp in pain, but then it's gone, and I look like a weirdo. xD Sometimes I get burning sensations (although I'm not sure if it's because I'm sitting wrong or it's actually random) and just...aches.

I read up on Fibromayalgia, and though I'm a little young for it, I have just about all the symptoms. I've crashed during the day (one time slept for seven hours straight; I had no idea what century it was when I woke ;) ), I've had those pains, low Vitamin D (which is also with low thyroid, but I don't have a low thyroid). I was prescribed vitamin D, but I didn't notice much of an effect. I asked my doctor and she tested the 16 pressure spots on me. I surprisingly had over half of them O_O (okay, not that surprising, as my family has a history of auto-immune diseases) However, fibromayalgia is pretty dang serious, and the symptoms overlap with several other, less serious conditions. I'm just very confused about all of that, but I also reaaaaally don't want to be a hypochondriac. I just want answers is all. If I have it, okay, if I don't, that's great.

Anyways, I need to stop talking and get to bed. Any thoughts? I'll try to make shorter, simpler journals...soon.

Happy soon-to-be Easter! :iconeggplz:
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You can call me Antebelle, Belle, Fanta or YOU THERE. :meow: I have Asperger's :D I do quirky things. I obsess over Final Fantasy, original characters(I have hundreds of them), movies, tv shows...
I am awkward, and I don't really interact with people my age. It's confusing, emotionally exhausting, and half the time I don't understand what was meant.
I'm a fairly simple minded person. I just want to be friends. :dummy:
My OC's are my life. Literally. If they were real, I'd die a happy person. ^^;
When I see an artist I like, I will attack their galleries with faves, then proceed to be their watchers until they deactivate their account. ^^;
Feel free to check out my gallery, give critiques and feedback, I answer to every one of my comments/notes.
If you fave one of mine, I'll give you a llama since that's all I can afford to give, and if you fave more of mine, I try to fave one of your works or appreciate your generosity with a heartfelt thank you.

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